Crumley For Georgia

Campaign Issues – Georgia's House District 10


Being your State Representative, Robert will work with our education leaders on modern solutions to better prepare our kids for the future so they can thrive. Robert believes our education dollars should go to our classrooms, students and teachers, not eaten up by bureaucracy. Robert plans to introduce a scholarship program for students that take an internship through local government so students can learn how government actually works. Robert plans to work with local and state education leaders to introduce a fundamentals course that is mandatory for all Georgia schools.

“The future of our country lies within the hands of our youth” – George Washington 



Being your State Representative, Robert will say no to tax increases – including making Overtime hours nontaxable, and cutting small business taxes. More money in the pockets of Georgia families and small businesses is better for our state than sending more and more of our hard-earned dollars to feed an ever-expanding government bureaucracy.


Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment isn’t just about hunting – it’s about our Georgia way of life and the freedoms guaranteed to us in our Constitution. Being a lifelong sportsman, will always protect and defend our Second Amendment rights. Any legislation limiting our 2nd amendment is infringement!