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 Robert A. Crumley

 Georgia’s Hope for a Better Tomorrow

More Opportunity and Good-Paying Georgia Jobs

Georgia is on our minds, but we aren’t creating better opportunities to allow folks to prosper; it is time for that to change. 

Being your fighter, Robert brings that same business sense every corner of our state. Robert works with all Georgians to use his experience to build a better Georgia that brings the American dream into greater reach for all. Creating jobs, and greater opportunities for Georgia is his top priority.


Meet Robert


Robert Crumley grew up in White County and is a 2014 graduate from White County High School, whilst voted All American by his peers. Robert’s dedicated and continued service to the people of his community started when he was in 9th grade by being actively involved in JROTC, FBLA, and student government electives. 

After high school, Robert attended North Georgia Technical College for 1 semester before being picked up by the Trump Train in the Fall of 2015. Robert was tasked to travel to various districts to aid endorsed candidates for U.S. Congress. Through Robert’s dedication to the Trump Campaign he set off to Montana to ensure the victory of many GOP candidates. Robert set records for his grassroots and the GOTV efforts for Georgia & Montana for the 2016 election.

Robert came back to his home in White County in the Fall of 2017 to help Republican Candidates gear up for what turned out to be “One Hell of a ride”. Robert knocked on over 800 doors a week to GOTV (Get Out The Vote), while working a full time job as a Customer Service Manager at Walmart. 

After the 2018 election Robert accepted a position as the national sales Manager for Classic Muscle Metal on the county line between White & Habersham where he currently works. Robert felt a call for office when he constantly saw local businesses, property owners, and young professionals struggle to make ends meet due to the never ending tax increases, countless regulations, and the lack of opportunities in the area.  

Robert as a Republican ran for State Representative of Georgia’s House District 10, announcing his campaign against the 10 year Republican floor leader incumbent in June 2019. “Rogers has not only violated his oath to office, but also sold out many of our individual liberties and the trust of his constituency for personal gain.” said Robert. After spearheading a grassroots campaign in February of 2020 putting over 80+ yard signs in peoples yards on the incumbents road; the incumbent decided he could not compete with the proactive campaign strategies led by Robert and did not seek reelection. One week later was qualifications for political offices, Robert and 3 others qualified for House District 10. The primary was on June 9th and Robert came in 2nd place with 3,176 of the votes compared to the 1st place candidate 3,767 votes and proceeded into the August 11th Runoff. Robert was unsuccessful in the runoff election but his message has cracked the foundation of the Republican establishment. Roberts message of fighting for those without a voice and holding the people in office responsible for their actions has sparked a flame in peoples hearts to get involved and take action. Robert continues to display his slogan “More Leadership, Less Politics.” by creating outreach programs across the state to continue the fight for liberty, justice and equality for all. Robert will never let these self serving politicians continue to take advantage of the working class without a fight. 

Robert Crumley is active member of The Episcopal Church, The Georgia Republican Assembly, GOP, The Elks, and The American Legion. Robert continues to lead by example by being involved & creating community outreach programs to help influence The Great Commandment Jesus said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with allthy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”


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